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August 16th. Sameness.

There seems no point in Racism, I say, when All Persons are Basically Persons. That is Very Wise, says the Owner. How does the Moral Dog know this? It is Obvious, I say. You all Smell Human to a Moral Dog, I say. Racists are simply Despising Themselves, I say. […]

August 15th. Evolution.

There is One Lolly Remaining. You have it, I say to the Owner. No, You have it, says the Owner. No Really, says the Owner, the Moral Dog must have the Lolly. No, Really, I say, no Dog that is Moral could possibly Eat the Last Lolly. We share the […]

August 14th. Consciousness.

What is it Like to be a Person? I ask. How do you know it is Like Anything? Says the Owner. It must be Like Something, I say. Otherwise what would be the Point? The Moral Dog raises an Interesting Philosophical Question, says the Owner. Most Philosophers see Two Central […]

August 13th. Evidence.

There is Mud on the Bed, says the Owner. Really? I say. I wonder How that Got There? I say. Is that a Real Really? Asks the Owner, or One of those Fake Reallies used by Moral Dogs to whom the Facts of the Matter are of No Surprise. Squeaky […]

August 11th. Morality.

How does the Owner define Morality? I ask. That is a Huge Question, says the Owner. It appears, I say, to be a Set of Rules designed to separate Moral Dogs and Lollies. It is Far More than That, says the Owner. Give it a Shot, I say. Make it […]

August 10th. Catch 22.

The Prime Minister says it is Criminal to Cross the Channel from France to seek Asylum, I say. So I Gather, says the Owner, Scribbling Carefully. Is it not Criminal? I ask the Owner. No, says the Owner. It is Not, says the Owner. Even if you are a Migrant […]

August 9th. Honours.

What is Honour? I ask the Owner. What does the Moral Dog think Honour is? Asks the Owner. The Moral Dog sense a Loaded Question. It is an Indication of Respect, I say. Kant was the first major Western philosopher to put respect for Persons, including Oneself as a Person, […]

August 8th. Oppression.

The Owner and I meet Another Dog on the Farm of the Owner’s Friend. Look, says the Owner. He is a German Shorthaired Pointer like you. Hello, I say to the Other Dog. I am Too Busy to Talk to You, says the Other Dog. But we have Much in […]

August 7th. Worms.

What is that? I ask the Owner. It is a Pill, says the Owner. You will never Swallow That, I say. Not even an Elephant would swallow That, I say. It is meant to be Chewed, says the Owner. Hahahahaha, I say. Seriously, says the Owner. Good luck with that, […]

August 6th. Housework.

What are you Watching? I ask, from my Cushion on the Floor. I am watching a Video, says the Owner. Should you not be Hoovering? I ask, Stretching and Making myself more Comfortable Really? Says the Owner, somewhat Icily. Do not Be Like That About It, I say. If you […]

August 5th. Lion.

I would like to be a Lion, I say. That is a Very Profound Statement, says the Owner. I trust the Moral Dog to explain it in a Profound Manner, says the Owner. If I was a Lion, I say, I would Give the Orders around here, I say. I […]

August 4th. The hot dog.

What is that? I ask. It is a Sausage, says the Owner. In a Bun, says the Owner. With Embellishments, says the Owner. I can see that, I say. Why, then, did the Moral Dog ask what it was? Asks the Owner. Because the Moral Dog heard what you said […]

August 3rd. Refugees

I have heard, I say, that there are Moral Dogs like me abandoned on the streets of Cyprus. That is True, says the Owner, and there are Wonderful People Rehoming them in England. Indeed 32 such Moral Dogs flew here in April. That is Good Then, I say. I frown. […]

August 2nd. The Tiger.

I want to go for a Walk, I say. We will go for a Walk, says the Owner, when I have finished on my Exercise Bike. Why are you on your Exercise Bike? I ask. I am Getting Fitter, says the Owner. What for? I ask. One Never Knows when […]