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August 10th. Catch 22.

The Prime Minister says it is Criminal to Cross the Channel from France to seek Asylum, I say.

So I Gather, says the Owner, Scribbling Carefully.

Is it not Criminal? I ask the Owner.

No, says the Owner. It is Not, says the Owner.

Even if you are a Migrant seeking Asylum? I ask.

Especially Not Then, says the Owner.

Why Especially Not Then? I ask.

Because there is a Right to seek Asylum, says the Owner. Everyone has that Right, says the Owner. They can seek it in any country, says the Owner. But they have to get there to do it, says the Owner.

Why do they just not take a Plane? I ask.

That is like asking why Frodo Baggins did not Get the Bus to Mordor, says the Owner. They are fleeing danger, war and persecution.

I did not realise there was a Bus to Mordor, I say.

There wasn’t, says the Owner. It is a Catch 22, says the Owner.

That sounds Fun, I say.

It is not that sort of Catch, says the Owner. A Catch 22 happens when the Means to do a Thing Itself Renders the Thing Impossible, says the Owner. The Planes and Boats are Prohibited to carry the Asylum Seekers if they do not Already Have Legal Permission to Visit Here, says the Owner. If they do they face Massive Fines, says the Owner.

He could have hidden under the Bus Seat, I say. Sauron would never have noticed, I say. that is the trouble with being a Big Blazing Eye Stuck at the top of a Rock, I say. Amongst Other Things, I say..

It was a Metaphor, says the Owner. It means there is no Legal way to Seek Asylum even though seeking Asylum is a Legal Right. It is what is called an Inoperable Right,

So they Cannot Get Here Legally To Do what They Can Legally Do if They Get Here? I ask.

Exactly, says the Owner.

Is that why the Picture of the Prime Minister on the Fridge now has two blacked out teeth as well as a Moustache? I ask.

The Moral Dog is Very Astute, says the Owner.

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