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June 6th. Oppression.

Knocking People Over, says the Owner, is Bad Enough. But Failing to Look After them when they Fall is Abject Dereliction of Duty. I cannot believe I have seen this in the So-called Land of the Free. That Man is Lying on the Floor, I say. He is clearly Badly […]

June 4th. Protest.

Why are they Protesting? I ask. Surely they will all catch Covid, I say. They are not Socially Distancing, I say. That is All True, says the Owner, but that does not make it Wrong. It is Right to Protest when what has happened is beyond Terrible, says the Owner. […]

June 3rd. Empathy.

The Owner puts her head on her arms. Stop the World, she says, I need to Get Off. What do you mean, Stop the World? I ask. The World is not moving. If it was we would all keep Falling Over. Actually, says the Owner, the World is like an […]

June 2nd, Penguins

Penguins, I say. Indeed, says the Owner. They really appreciated the Caravaggios, I say. Apparently so, says the Owner. They were less interested in Monet, I say. So it is said, says the Owner. Philistines, I say. They are Penguins, says the Owner. Almost Ducks. The Moral Dog who has […]

May 31st. Ancestry.

Where did I come from? I ask. We have discussed this, says the Owner, the Moral Dog came from an Ancestral Wolf. But I do not look like an Ancestral Wolf, I say. I have spots, I say. Indeed, says the Owner, that is because you have evolved through careful […]