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January 23rd. Ozymandias.

The Owner is sitting at her Computer watching the House of Commons. I am engaged in a discussion with Squeaky Cat, when she speaks suddenly. Ozymandias, she says, in slightly strained tones. What is that? I ask, as her voice was slightly drowned by Squeaky Cat, who is Upset that […]

January 22nd. The Moon.

Caspar arrives in a great tizz. Come quickly, he says. The Moon is being stolen. We rush to the window and look outside. The Moon is indeed being Stolen. There is only a Small Piece Left. It cannot have Gone Far, I say. This is what the Owner likes to […]

January 21st. The Two Sticks.

The Owner and I have found a Wonderful Stick. One end is Leafy and the other end is Barky, and the Middle is Perfect for Grasping. When the Owner throws it, it spins and whistles, then lands with a Perfect Thud. I Retrieve the Stick. I Run Around Joyfully, sharing […]

January 20th. The Truth.

The Owner and I bring in the Bins because the Refuse Collectors have just been. I watch the Bin Lorry drive away up the Hill and disappear our of sight. I am looking forward to my Walk, I say. Can we go now? We can indeed says the Owner, putting […]

January 19th. Ghost Stories.

Caspar has been reading us a story about Sherlock Holmes. We have got to the part about the Ghostly Hound. It had Glowing Eyes and Fearful Teeth and a habit of chewing people in a Morally Unsound fashion. There cannot be a Hound like This, I say. No Moral Dog […]