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March 25th. Relatively Better.

The Owner is looking Surprisingly Bouncy. Are you Feeling Better? I ask. Much, says the Owner, thank you for asking. Not at all, I say. I am delighted for you. Squeaky Cat makes a Small Sound of Affirmation, Indicating that he is also Thrilled. Silence falls. Are you not going […]

Covid Diary of a GP.

Covid in two 50 somethings in North London has gone like this. One mild. One mild to moderate. The patients are two 58 year olds. One of us had a very mild case. The other had a case that, from a doctor’s point of view, was never scary but was […]

March 23rd. More cough.

Could you please Stop Coughing now? I say to the Owner. I would like to go for a walk. Unfortunately, says the Owner, we do not get to Choose how long we cough for. I hear that most people cough from day Eight, for a few or several days. I […]

March 22nd. The cough.

Is that a Cough? I ask the Owner. It might be, says the Owner, now excuse me, I am Languishing. That was Rhetorical Question, I say. It was not much of a Cough, I say. I could easily have mistaken it for Clearing your Throat. One would expect a person […]

March 21st. Conscription.

The Owner says she will be going to work as soon as her Virus is gone and her Stitches are Dissolved Away. (Squeaky Cat is rather alarmed by this as he is now Mainly Stitches and Hopes they will not Dissolve as he will Go With Them.) What will happen […]

March 20th. Singing.

Come and sit next to me, Hergest, says the Owner, whilst I play the Piano. I cannot, I say, you are like a Crying Radiator. The Moral Dog does not wish to be cooked and soaked. Goodness knows what would happen to his Parts, but Poaching seems a Distinct Possibility. […]