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August 15th. Evolution.

There is One Lolly Remaining.

You have it, I say to the Owner.

No, You have it, says the Owner.

No Really, says the Owner, the Moral Dog must have the Lolly.

No, Really, I say, no Dog that is Moral could possibly Eat the Last Lolly.

We share the Lolly.

Why am I a Dog and you a Person? I ask the Owner.

Blame Evolution, says the Owner.

Evolution in its Contemporary Meaning in Biology generally refers to the changes in the proportions of biological types in a population over time, I say. It Explains why I have Four Legs and a Vomeronasal Organ but you have two legs and a Sense of Smell Slightly Less Useful than a Sack of Potatoes on a Sinking Ship, but it does not Explain why I am a Dog and you are a Person.

Do you mean, asks the Owner, that it fails to explain why we are Different?

No, I say, because it fails to explain why we are the Same.

That is Lovely, says the Owner, but it has nothing to do with Evolution, says the Owner. And everything to do with the Heart.

That is a Very Good Explanation, I say. Does it mean I can sleep on the Bed?

No, says the Owner, Evolution does not Go That Far.

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