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August 16th. Sameness.

There seems no point in Racism, I say, when All Persons are Basically Persons.

That is Very Wise, says the Owner. How does the Moral Dog know this?

It is Obvious, I say. You all Smell Human to a Moral Dog, I say. Racists are simply Despising Themselves, I say. You are all the Same Underneath, I say.

Sadly, says the Owner, that is not Obvious to Some Humans. It is often those who are the Most Similar who detest each other the Most. The Concept of Race has been used to divide All Humanity into a small number of Subgroups based upon Morally Unimportant Differences such as Skin Colour. Having done so Some Humans define those most exactly like themselves as Their Own Tribe and treat All the Others as Enemies.

So, I say, you belong to the Ginger Race and are Eternal Sworn Enemies of the Blondes.

No, says the Owner, only Boris Johnson.

That seems Very Reasonable, I say. As a Moral Dog, I say, it seem to me that Race is either Socially Constructed or Completely Imaginary, I say. If Humankind were threatened, I say, that would mean All of You, I say.

You are Right, says the Owner. Most Philosophers Agree that Races are Socially Constructed, not Biologically Real, says the Owner. Racial skepticism says that Race is not real but a means of Suggesting Superiority for exerting control.

But, I say, if society labels people according to Racial Categories, and since such labelling has led to race-based Differences in Opportunities, the concept of race is needed to facilitate social movements that compensate for such Fake Differences.

Gosh, says the Owner. The Moral Dog is Wise Indeed. The Moral Dog is speaking of Affirmative Action, say the Owner. Does this mean that he will no longer be weeing on the Chihuahua, but will instead be Carrying its Bags? Asks the Owner.

I do not see what that has to do with it, I say. It is the Nature of Moral Dogs to Wee on Chihuahuas, I say.

But the Chihuahua is Another Dog, says the Owner.

You Cannot be Serious, I say. A Chihuahua is not a Dog, I say. It speaks Spanish for Starters, I say. And it is a Funny Shape and Extremely Rude.

As a Moral Dog, says the Owner, it seem to me that Breed is either Socially Constructed or Completely Imaginary, sys the Owner. If Dogkind were threatened, says the Owner, that would mean All of You, says the Owner.

But a Chihuahua, I say.

It is Still a Dog, says the Owner.

How do you know? I ask.

Because, says the Owner, it Smells of Dog to a Human. There seems no point in Chihuahuaism, says the Owner, Racists are simply Despising Themselves, says the Owner. You are all the Same Underneath, says the Owner.

A Chihuahua is a Dog.

It is going to Take a While to Sink In.

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