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August 17th. Fairness.

What is this Fuss about A levels? I ask.

It has been a Travesty of Unfairness, says the Owner.

What is Fairness? I ask the Owner.

There are many ways of describing Fairness, says the Owner. Principally Fairness is understood to be about Justice and Equality. It concerns the Perceived Appropriateness of Distribution of Benefits and of Opportunity. It concerns the removal of Bias and the Cancellation of Prejudice and Disadvantage. Equality has a close connection with Morality and has long been considered an essential feature of Justice.

But surely in an Equal Society, I say, All are Due Equal Consideration, ensuring that Each counts as One, I say. How therefore can A levels ever be fair? I ask.

The Moral Dog is referring to Moral Equality, says the Owner. But treating people the same does not amount to Equality. Moral Equality deals with concepts of Dignity and Respect. This is insufficient for Grading A Levels. Aristotle suggested People are Treated according to what they have Earned, says the Owner. Not according to Arbitrary Rules authorised by Fools, says the Owner.

So now that the Students have been given back the A levels they Individually Deserved, I say, surely things are Fair.

The Fairness of the Situation is only Half addressed, says the Owner. Those who Failed their A levels have now Passed, but those who Failed them have not Failed.

Is that why a Picture of the Education Secretary wearing Glasses, a Moustache and a Large Dunce Cap bearing the words SACK ME NOW has joined the Picture of Boris Johnson on the Fridge? I ask.

The Moral Dog has achieved an A in astuteness, says the Owner.

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