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August 13th. Evidence.

There is Mud on the Bed, says the Owner.

Really? I say. I wonder How that Got There? I say.

Is that a Real Really? Asks the Owner, or One of those Fake Reallies used by Moral Dogs to whom the Facts of the Matter are of No Surprise.

Squeaky Cockroach and I are Wounded, I say, that you would Question the Quality of the Moral Dog’s Really.

I do more than Question it, says the Owner, I plan to use it as Evidence.

A Fake Really is not Evidence, I say. David Hume said that A Wise Man Proportions his Belief to the Evidence, I say. He said nothing about Evidence of Evidence, I say.

Evidence determines what one it is Reasonable for One to believe, says the Owner. Individuals who possessed exactly the same Evidence would form the same view about any given question, says the Owner. The Moral Dog’s Slippery Really is Sufficient to Convict Him, says the Owner. Unless he is Suggesting that his Owner and Cheese Custodian is Unreasonable, says the Owner.

The Moral Dog senses the Implicit Threat. It is possible to Reasonably form an Unreasonable Opinion on the Basis of Evidence that is not truly Evidence, I say. It is Evidence of Evidence, I say.

Evidence of Evidence is about as Evidencey as Evidence can Get, says the Owner.

It is not enough that a proposition is supported by Evidence of the Total Evidence, I say. Rather, I say, what is Relevant is how well-supported the proposition is by the Total Evidence, I say. It is Evident that Evidence of Evidence is not the Kind of Evidence that makes the Total Evidence Evident, I say.

What is that supposed to mean? Asks the Owner.

It means you have Not Got a Witness, I say.

Oh Really? Says the Owner.

The Moral Dog can spot a Fake Really as well as Any Dog, I say. You will not Get Anywhere by playing Fast and Loose with your Reallies, I say. Squeaky Cockroach has Immunity, I say. Ha, I say.

If the Moral Dog and his Muddy Feet were not Still on the Bed, says the Owner, he might have a Point, says the Owner.

There is Evidence of Evidence that it is, the Moral Dog accepts, a Fair Cop.

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