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August 13th. Evidence.

There is Mud on the Bed, says the Owner. Really? I say. I wonder How that Got There? I say. Is that a Real Really? Asks the Owner, or One of those Fake Reallies used by Moral Dogs to whom the Facts of the Matter are of No Surprise. Squeaky […]

July 19th. Forgiveness.

The Owner and I go to buy a Coffee for the Owner and to allow the Moral Dog the opportunity to Gaze without Hope at Cakes he will Never be Given before being Tied to a Chair Leg. The Coffee Shop man greets the Owner like a long-lost friend. Hello, […]

July 13th. Endings.

Who is This? I ask. It is Squeaky Bird, says the Owner. Where is Squeaky Cat? I say. I am very Sorry, says the Owner. He is No More, says the Owner. You mean Squeaky Cat has gone to the Great Squeaky Cattery in the Sky? I say. Metaphorically Speaking, […]

July 1st. Soulmates

Squeaky Ball has come out of the Washing Machine. I greet him rapturously, as befits a Moral Dog reunited with his Soulmate. I thought I was your Soulmate, says the Owner. You are my Soulmate, I say, but so is Squeaky Ball. He is a Mate to a different Part […]

June 10th. Changing the past.

They have removed another Statue, I say. I saw that, says the Owner. Do you think removing Statues can change the World? I ask. Yes I do, says the Owner. I do not see why, I say, other than momentarily for the brief celebratory moment when the Odious Figure topples […]

June 4th. Protest.

Why are they Protesting? I ask. Surely they will all catch Covid, I say. They are not Socially Distancing, I say. That is All True, says the Owner, but that does not make it Wrong. It is Right to Protest when what has happened is beyond Terrible, says the Owner. […]

May 16th. Sarcasm.

The Foxes come to be fed every day. Their level of Entitlement is flabbergasting. They look at me as if the Owner is some sort of Shared Resource and eat my Bedtimes Biscuits without so much as an Acknowledgement by Whose they Really Are. They are Making Assumptions. It should […]

May 11th. On guard.

Hergest, says the Owner, why are you sleeping there? Because the Owner, in her Wisdom, has seen fit to banish me from the Bed, I say. What is wrong with your Cushion? Asks the Owner. There is nothing wrong with my Cushion, I say. It is a Perfect Cushion, even […]