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March 25th. Relatively Better.

The Owner is looking Surprisingly Bouncy. Are you Feeling Better? I ask. Much, says the Owner, thank you for asking. Not at all, I say. I am delighted for you. Squeaky Cat makes a Small Sound of Affirmation, Indicating that he is also Thrilled. Silence falls. Are you not going […]

March 8th. Possibility.

Hergest, says the Owner, is it Possible that you have eaten my favourite Bamboo sock? Not knowingly, I say, although it depends what you mean by Possible. Do you mean is it Epistemically Possible (that is, from yours or my perspective of knowledge, it is in theory possible), or do […]

February 22nd. Art.

The Owner and I bring home her new Poster from the Framing Person and I help her Unwrap it. As a Moral Dog, you will appreciate this, Hergest, she says. It is a Work of Art. We will enjoy Hanging it Together. I am, given this kind of build up, […]

February 16th. The Principle.

Hergest, you are not Sharing the Bed, says the Owner. We have to Establish a Principle. But I have always been allowed on the Bed, I say. We have established this as a Principle and a Right. You cannot Retrospectively Limit the Rights the Moral Dog has been Granted. This […]