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June 25th. The edge of space.

What is at the Edge of Space? I ask the Owner from my Oppressed Spot on the Floor.

Nothing, says the Owner.

You mean Nothing but more Space, I say.

No, says the Owner, I mean an Absence of Space.

So what Fills the Space beyond the Edge of Space? I ask.

Nothing, says the Owner. There is no Space beyond the Edge of Space. There is Nothing else There. The Universe is Constantly Expanding and it could not do so if there was More Space in the Way.

Then it must be Expanding into Something, I say. Something that is not in the Way, I say.

It is not, says the Owner. It is Space itself that is Expanding, even though it is Expanding into Nothing. I cannot imagine what that looks like. Nobody, not even Einstein, can tell you what the Absence of Space looks like.

Clearly, I say, it has Infinite Capacity.

That is One Way of Thinking About it, says the Owner.

Could one Fit a Whole Moral Dog into it? I ask. Without being In the Way? I ask.

One could fit a Million Billion Moral Dogs into it, says the Owner. And they would not be in the Way, says the Owner.

So a Million Billion Moral Dogs can fit into No Space, I say.

They Can, says the Owner, but the remarkable thing is that, once the Million Billion Moral Dogs were in it, they would find that they were, after all, in Space.

That seems Perfectly Simple, I say. I do not see why Einstein found it So Tough, I say.

It is tough because it is Hard to Imagine, says the Owner. The whole concept of Making Space out of No Space is Beyond Human Conception.

It is not beyond Moral Dog conception, I say. Moral Dogs are Vastly Experienced in the Concept of No Space, I say. The Moral Dog can tell you Exactly what Absence of Space looks like, I say.

The Greatest Minds in All of Science have Failed to Explain what Absence of Space looks like, says the Owner, so it seem Most Unlikely that the Moral Dog can explain what Absence of Space looks like.

There is some of it Right Here in the Room, I say.

The Absence of Space for the Moral Dog on the Sofa is not the Same as the Absence of Space at the Edge of Space, says the Owner.

There is Clearly Nothing Else There, I say. 

There is not Nothing Else there, there is Space there, says the Owner. If there were no Space there then there would be no Sofa.

That is what I have always said, I say.

What are you doing? Says the Owner. Get off me. Ouch. You have Far Too Many Legs.

I am lying on the Sofa, I say. There is clearly Plenty of Space, I say.

There was clearly No Space, says the Owner.

I think, I say, you have Already Lost that Argument.





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