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July 13th. Endings.

Who is This? I ask.

It is Squeaky Bird, says the Owner.

Where is Squeaky Cat? I say.

I am very Sorry, says the Owner. He is No More, says the Owner.

You mean Squeaky Cat has gone to the Great Squeaky Cattery in the Sky? I say.

Metaphorically Speaking, says the Owner.

That is most Unfortunate, I say, as he has left without his Legs.

How do you know? Asks the Owner.

They are under my Cushion, I say. Squeaky Cat will not enjoy the Squeaky Cattery in the Sky without Legs, I say. We must go there at once, I say.

Hergest, says the Owner, there is no Squeaky Cattery in the Sky.

How do you know? I ask.

Because Space is in the Sky, says the Owner, whilst Squeaky Cat is in the Moral Dog’s Small Intestine.

That may be true if you are talking about the Fluff of Squeaky Cat, I say, but I am talking about the Person of Squeaky Cat. Someone as full of Feeling and Emotion as Squeaky Cat cannot simply have Gone, I say. Surely, I say, there is a Place where all the Squeaky Cats go.

Of course there is, says the Owner. Squeaky Cat is in the Moral Dog’s heart, says the Owner.

Oh, I say. Is that why it feels like this?

Like what? Asks the Owner.

All big, I say, and Achey, I say.

Ah, says the Owner.

Is it because it is full of Squeaky Cat? I say.

That is exactly it, says the Owner.

I am glad Squeaky Cat is in my Heart, I say, but I am now slightly worried about Squeaky Bird. He is somewhat larger than Squeaky Cat. Given that my Heart is now Full, where will Squeaky Bird go if I also eat him?

There is always room in Hearts. says the Owner. That is the Point.

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I am a dog of many thoughts.

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