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February 4th. Blue cheese.

I would like to talk, I say.

I am not going to talk about cheese any more, says the Owner. The subject is closed. Let us talk about Something Else.

I do not always talk about cheese, I say.

Yes, you do, says the Owner. Always. It lies at the end of every Conversational Ambit.

Cheese was not even on my mind, I say. The Moral Dog can speak of Many Things. I am a veritable mine of Cheese-Free Conversational Ambits.

So what would you like to talk about? Asked the Owner.

Let us talk about the weather, I say The sky is blue today, is it not?

It is a lovely blue, says the Owner. I wonder if you see it as I do?

Of course you see it as I do, I say. It is blue.

Not necessarily, says the Owner. Blue is a concept. What I call blue and what you call blue may both be the Sky, but if I saw blue with your eyes I might see it as red.

I am a Dog , I say. I do not see red, other than when very hungry. I do, however see blue. And yellow.

Nevertheless your perception of blue might be what I call red, says the Owner.

How do you know? I ask.

Experiments show, says the Owner, that there are no predetermined perceptions ascribed to each wavelength. Your blue and my blue are both agreed to be blue, but they may not be the same.

So what would your perception of yellow be? I ask.

Probably blue, says the Owner.

Imagine, I say. Blue cheese.

I knew it, says the Owner.

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