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February 3rd. Semantics.

Stop begging, Hergest, says the Owner.

I am not begging, I say. I am Sitting Silently By.

You did not have to say a word, says the Owner, to be gazing at my Ice Cream Voraciously.

I am gazing at your Ice Cream, I say, but Voracious is the Wrong Word. I was Watching with Interest. This is Semantics.

You were watching it with Hungry Intent, says the Owner. This is not Semantics.

It is not my fault that the Moral Dog is Fading Away, I say. I was not Watching Hungrily, but I may be Watching with Eyes that are Hungry. To describe this as Intent is definitely Semantics.

You are not Fading Away, says the Owner, you weigh more than two sacks of Dog Food. That is not Semantics.

Whether the Moral Dog weighs as much as two sacks of Dog Food depends entirely on how Heavy the Sacks of Dog Food are, I say, which is why it is Most Definitely Semantics.

They are fifteen kilogrames each, says the Owner, because the label says so. Which is why it is not Semantics at all.

You have nearly Finished your Ice Cream Anyway, I say. So any further Discussion regarding Begging is Definitely Semantics.

You are Standing on Me, Begging, your Nose an Inch from my Ice Cream, says the Owner. This is Still Happening so it is Still not Semantics.

The Moral Dog is merely Paying Close Attention to Events, I say. That is not Semantics, I say. Whoops, I say.

Did you just put your nose in my Ice Cream? Asks the Owner.

I may have Fallen In, I say.

That is Definitely Semantics, says the Owner.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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