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February 2nd. Empirical Evidence.

The Owner and I are in the Kitchen, Doing our Respective Jobs..

Hergest, says the Owner, please stop Barking. I am trying to Write my PhD.

I have to Bark, I say, I am a Dog.

That is Not True, says the Owner, and as a Person with Training in Research Methods I can prove it.

You are not doing any Research on Me, I say, I have already had this Conversation with the Vet.

I am relying upon Empirical Evidence, sats the Owner. You cannot Argue with Empirical Evidence.

What is this Empirical Evidence? I ask.

Can you see that Silent Dog over there? Asks the Owner.

I look out from the Balcony. Yes, say, I can see that Silent Dog over there.

Exactly, says the Owner.

I Grant, I say, that there is a Silent Dog over there, but that Dog is not protecting a Fridge Surrounded by Hungry Strangers. I can see at Least a Dozen People from here.

Why does that mean you have to Bark? Says the Owner.

If I do not Bark they will Come in and Steal the Cheese, I say.

Thats is Ridiculous, says the Owner. When have you Ever Known Anybody try to Come in and steal the Cheese?

Not since I have been Barking, I say.

The Owner is wearing her Earphones and I am Protecting the Cheese. You cannot argue with Empirical Evidence.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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