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February 1st. Justice.

The Owner says that I Cannot Ever have Cheese Again.

But I Like Cheese, I say, and I Deserve Cheese. All Principles of Justice suggest that I should have Cheese.

Not All Principles, sats the Owner.

It is Unjust to deprive me of my One Pleasure, I say.

The Moral Dog is being Melodramatic, says the Owner. He has many pleasures such as the Thrill of Walks and the Delights of Friendship and the Joy of Squeaky Cats I and II.

I agree with all those things, I say, but whilst they tell you that The Moral Dog is Fortunate this does not mean it is Just.

What would be Just? Ask the Owner.

I am tempted to say More Cheese but do not, as I sense the Owner wishes to Engage in Philosophical Discussion. A Just Society is an Equal society, I say, in which everyone has an Equal Amount of everything, or a Fair society where everyone has what they Deserve. The Current Approach to Cheese seems to meet the test of Neither.

I agree, says the Owner. Yet Justinian said that Justice is defined as ‘the constant and perpetual will to render to each his Due. The Moral Dog’s Due may need to Take Account of Other Factors.

That is All Very Well, I say, but Hume said that, in a State of Abundance where ‘every individual finds himself fully provided with whatever his most voracious appetites can want’, ‘the Cautious, Jealous virtue of Justice would never once have been dreamed of’.

And your Point is? Asks the Owner.

There is an Abundance of Cheese in the Fridge, I say. On what Conflicting Claim is the Moral Dog’s claim be assessed, I say, if it is to be Neither based on the Equal Allocation on Cheese or on the Moral Dog’s Cheese-Deserving Behaviour?

It is the Claim of those who had to live with the Consequences, says the Owner.

I suppose you are Once Again referring to the Ghastly Pong, I say. Will I never be allowed to Forget It?

It is impossible to Forget, says the Owner.

Once again the Owner has played a Trump Card. It seems that, for the Moral Dog, Cheese is Off the Menu.

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