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January 31st. Friends.

Caspar says Nigel the Bulldog is in the Newspaper today wearing a Red, Blue and White coat and Waving a Flag. Caspar says he was Very Rude to some Belgians whilst he was speaking in their House. It seems he said that the Belgians and their House were Sons of Hamsters and We Were All Leaving and Never Coming Back.

We All Gasp.

One should never be Ungracious in Victory, says Mogg. It is Undignifying for the One who is Ungracious and gives Victory a Pyrrhic Quality which Spoils it for those who Genuinely Believed in it.

We all agree that being Ungracious in Victory Undignifies the Victor. Lucifer, unbidden, returns Mogg’s Squeaky Boris which he had earlier Hidden behind Bercow. Lucifer says he does not want to be Ungracious, but neither does he want his Victory to be Pyrrhic. He says it sounds Extremely Uncomfortable.

What did the Belgians do to Nigel the Bulldog? I ask. Did he have to Return his Cheese?

It was worse than that, says Bercow. They told him to Sit.

We all Gasp again.

They should have sent him to Coventry, says Caspar.

He has already done that himself, says Bercow. That was the Point.

I like Belgium, says Houdini. I have a European Passport.

You have fifteen passports, twenty-three aliases and an Escape Pod, says Bercow, you are not Properly European.

None of us are Properly European any more, says Caspar. It is very sad.

Being European is a Matter of the Heart and of Solidarity, says Houdini. If you want to be European then you always will be.

It is not that, I tell Houdini. Caspar is worried that Fifi the French Poodle will return to Paris.

Then we must be Especially Welcoming to Fifi from now on, says Bercow. This will ensure that Caspar’s Heart remains Intact. It is in any case Incumbent on us all to Restore our Pyrrhically Eroded Dignity.

We all agree we will be Especially Welcoming to Fifi. We also agree that it is in any case Incumbent on us all to Restore our Pyrrhically Eroded Dignity too, although we are going home to look it up.

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