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July 19th. Forgiveness.

The Owner and I go to buy a Coffee for the Owner and to allow the Moral Dog the opportunity to Gaze without Hope at Cakes he will Never be Given before being Tied to a Chair Leg. The Coffee Shop man greets the Owner like a long-lost friend. Hello, […]

April 15th. Shafts of Sunlight.

Would you like a Bedtime Biscuit? Asks the Owner. No thank you, I whisper. But you always have a bedtime Biscuit, says the Owner. The recipe was created by the late, great Michel Roux. Are you Skulking? I am not Skulking, I say Extremely Quietly, and my Appreciation of Monsieur […]

January 31st. Friends.

Caspar says Nigel the Bulldog is in the Newspaper today wearing a Red, Blue and White coat and Waving a Flag. Caspar says he was Very Rude to some Belgians whilst he was speaking in their House. It seems he said that the Belgians and their House were Sons of […]

December 2nd. The Friend.

Caspar is sad. I find him in the coffee shop sitting in the corner, attached to the Wall by a Gordian Knot. He tells me his Owner has Gone Away and he is being Walked by a Stranger. Is the Stranger nice? I ask. The Stranger is lovely, says Caspar, […]