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February 5th. The Dress.

Look, Hergest, says the Owner, the Postman has at last given me the Dress I have been waiting for.

But you already have a Dress, I say.

That is exactly why I need another one, says the Owner.

Can we go for a walk now? I ask.

Don’t be ridiculous, Says the Owner. The Dress has arrived. Clearly I must put it on before we go for a Walk.

I follow her into the Bedroom and she puts on the Dress. It appears, to me, most Unsuitable for a Walk, particularly given the Inclement Weather.

It is a Perfect Dress, she says.

It is Indeed a delight, I say, but Perfection is a Demanding Claim regarding, in this case, both Structure and Function. Does it come with Attached Galoshes, or an Inbuilt Pergola?

No, says the Owner. It is a Dress, It is Perfect in Structure and Function. You are being ridiculous about dresses.

It would be better with Galoshes, I say, in the Circumstances of our Impending Walk, I add. Can we go now? I ask.

Don’t be ridiculous, says the Owner, I could not possibly go for a walk in This Dress.

It strikes me that only one of us is ridiculous about Dresses. But I Know Better than to Say So.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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