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December 4th. the Football.

The Owner says it is very simple. It was not my football. I should have left it alone.

I say well, whose football was it then?

It belonged, she says to the Small Human who kicked it towards you.

He kicked it at me, I said. When the ball comes flying towards you then you are meant to stop it and take possession.

Yes, she says, but you did not just stop it, you dragged it under a bush and refused to let go. The Small Human got extremely muddy trying to get it from you.

I say I think he enjoyed it and we were playing a game.

She says his Owner did not enjoy him enjoying it, and it was not a game, it was theft. You are meant to pass the ball, not pick it up and run off with it.

I say that is exactly what the men did on the television.

She says that was rugby. That is a completely different game. The rules are different in rugby.

I say how am I meant to know that? I am a Dog.

Sometimes the Owner is Very Unreasonable.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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