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December 3rd. Greenhouse Gases.

We have to deal with Greenhouse Gases in order to Save the Planet, I say. I am wearing my Superdog cape and am anxious to start on the Greenhouses. The Time for Action is Now.

Caspar, aka my Morally Equal Companion, Fluffy, says that the secret of Victory is to know your Enemy, and that Sun Tzu says if you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. We must Know the Greenhouses to Defeat the Greenhouses.

Bercow says that if Caspar Knew his Enemy then he would Know his Enemy is not a Greenhouse. He says Jeremy is clear that the Greenhouse Gases are not the Fault of the Greenhouses, they are the Fault of the Fat Cats.

We all agree that it is always the Fault of the Fat Cats. I observe that this also chimes with the Owner’s recent observation that the Prime Minister is full of Hot Air

Although, says Caspar thoughtfully, Cats do not seem to produce many gases. Not even the Fat Ones.

I point out that the Owner seems to feel that I produce more than my fair share of gases. Do I now have to prevent those from escaping too?

Bercow says this sounds like a Bad Thing. If I retain them I will eventually rise majestically into the air and float away like a Zeppelin.

The Gases of the Moral Dog, are better out than in, says Houdini. Jeremy advocates Freedom of Movement.

Caspar says he doesn’t think that includes Freedom to release Gases. He thinks perhaps we all have to Manage our Gases more effectively.

Houdini says he doesn’t think you can pick and choose which Freedoms you give to the Proletariat. If the Fat Cats have already released their Gases then why should Moral Dogs not do the same?

Bercow says that this is the Tragedy of the Commons. He says there is a difference between Political Freedom and Moral Freedom. The Politically Free can produce all the gases they like. The Moral do not do so, as they would prefer to take responsibility for their Gases than to keep Greta Thunberg out of school.

Although, says Caspar, perhaps we need to have Reduced Targets, rather than Zero Targets, on the Gas front. We would not want Hergest to Float Away.

We all agree that Better Gas Management is called for. Within reason. It is an Accord.

Actually I would rather like to float into the air like a Zeppelin, but now does not seem to be the moment to say so.

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