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August 8th. Oppression.

The Owner and I meet Another Dog on the Farm of the Owner’s Friend. Look, says the Owner. He is a German Shorthaired Pointer like you. Hello, I say to the Other Dog. I am Too Busy to Talk to You, says the Other Dog. But we have Much in […]

June 27th. Voting.

Why do we have to Go Home? I say. Because the Man and I are Wet, says the Owner. I am also Wet, I say, but I do not want to Go Home. You wet us, says the Man. That is Beside the Point, I say. Then let us Vote, […]

December 3rd. Greenhouse Gases.

We have to deal with Greenhouse Gases in order to Save the Planet, I say. I am wearing my Superdog cape and am anxious to start on the Greenhouses. The Time for Action is Now. Caspar, aka my Morally Equal Companion, Fluffy, says that the secret of Victory is to […]

Nov 4th. Goalposts.

The Owner has a terrible habit of pulling backwards as we walk along. I have been trying to correct her, straining to help her along as she leans back and endlessly complains at her inability to keep up. This morning she says that if I don’t stop pulling her cheese […]

Oct 11th. Equality.

The Owner says that there is a crucial difference between accepting that all are equal, and being obliged to treat all equally. She says equality needs a perspective. It is possible, for example, to argue that all Moral Dogs are of Equal Moral Worth (fluffiness notwithstanding) and yet at the […]

Oct 10th. Diogenes of Sinope.

I run freely through the park with Caspar, Lucifer with the nose cage, and Pedro with the floppy ears. We are wild and free, racing through grass, dashing through trees, attracting many other dogs as we pass. We are a tribe, a troup, a movement, spreading Philosophy to the Dog […]

August 31st. New world order

Second day in new home. Attempted to fulfil dog obligations by emptying bladder on carpet as usual, but it seems there is some new world order operating. Access to carpet is being repeatedly denied. What am I supposed to do? Wee on gravel? The worst thing is, she has no […]