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Sept 11th. Jurassic Cheese.

The Owner and I both, it seems, like cheese.

How should I look at this?

Should I (a) take the narrow survival-of-the-fittest view that velociraptors epitomise, the view that life is a competition for cheese in which I am pitted against the Owner and may, ultimately, have to choose between her and cheese?

Or should I (b) take the view that the Owner and I are united by cheese appetite, and should cooperate to enhance our mutual access to a broad range of dairy products through our shared values, bonding and fellowship?

It’s a serious question. I choose (b). This is of course because I have bonded with the Owner through the ancient and powerful ties which my breed and hers evolved for our mutual survival.

It is not because she is extraordinarily shouty when I start to eat her.

It is absolutely not because only she knows where to get the cheese.

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