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Sept 5th. The soil.

Soil is a wonderful thing. I like to move it. I like to really get down there and pull it all out. Do a proper job. Follow the urge. Woman seems to have the urge too. I feel we are united, two kindred souls in a world of mystery. She […]

Sept 4th. Relativity.

Walk in park went well. Dogs met – 8. Friendly 7. Growled at me – 1. Stole my ball – 1. I stole his. I think the two may be related. Lots of shouting of good boy but no idea who it was aimed at. I was fairly happy. At […]

Sept 4th. Stairs

Woman got me to climb stairs today. Exhausting. 4 lots. Got cheese after each. Pavlov has a lot to answer for. Not sure it’s worth it. Am I being taken for a fool? Am I, in the words of Immanuel Kant, being treated as a thing without reason? I am […]

Sept 2nd. The vet

Don’t really get the fuss about the vet. I thought it was great. First, there were many balls. The Woman got one down for me and, after a short chewing episode, she said I got to keep it. Only the one, despite attempting to slobber on all of them to […]

Sept 1st. Thoughts on cheese

Went to coffee shop. Lady petted me. I petted back with teeth. Human squeaking is very odd. Suppose it means hello in dog. I got put on Owner’s knee. Owner’s knees are getting smaller. Coffee shop full of dogs that couldn’t reach me. I pulled faces at them and barked […]

August 31st. New world order

Second day in new home. Attempted to fulfil dog obligations by emptying bladder on carpet as usual, but it seems there is some new world order operating. Access to carpet is being repeatedly denied. What am I supposed to do? Wee on gravel? The worst thing is, she has no […]