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September 8th. Living with a magician.

Today I realised the Owner is a magician. Watched her really carefully when she threw the ball. Did not take eyes off her.

It disappeared. It was no longer in her hand. I did not see where it went at all. I suspect it passed from the realms of reality into the realms of infinite nothingness. Possibly it passed over the rim of the world. It trod the paths untrodden in worlds unseen. Maybe it transcended the dimensions of time and space and entered a parallel universe. Perhaps it crossed into Hades itself, negotiating the River Styx and that boatman with the funny name.

For a while I dwell deeply, as dogs do, on the profound mysteries of time and space and the many possible dimensions in which a ball can exist.

Then the Owner points to it. She has made it reappear in the hedge about two feet behind me.

I don’t see why she laughed. It wasn’t that clever.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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