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Sept 1st. Thoughts on cheese

Went to coffee shop. Lady petted me. I petted back with teeth. Human squeaking is very odd. Suppose it means hello in dog. I got put on Owner’s knee. Owner’s knees are getting smaller.

Coffee shop full of dogs that couldn’t reach me. I pulled faces at them and barked loudly to show I am not afraid. This was not true, but that is the point of barking.

I have strange owner. I did a poo in the park, under duress having been denied access to carpet. Owner got very excited. Seems she collects poos in exchange for cheese. Seems to like them best hot. Showed her a cold one someone did earlier but she didn’t seem keen.

Will do as many poos as possible for her. More poos more cheese.

Yellow is my favour colour. The colour of happiness. The colour of sunshine.

The colour of cheese.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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