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Sept 4th. Relativity.

Walk in park went well. Dogs met – 8. Friendly 7. Growled at me – 1. Stole my ball – 1. I stole his. I think the two may be related.

Lots of shouting of good boy but no idea who it was aimed at. I was fairly happy. At the end of it had own ball and had cheese. I definitely had better ball. His ball was soggy. Got me thinking.

Sometimes a ball is an object of vast desire, its infinite and unknowable soul reflected in infinite lines and planes of symmetry, its bouncing roll offering a hint of exuberance beyond the simple mathematics of trajectory and force, in the way it comes, silently and almost majestically to a halt wherever it will, irrespective of the demands of landscape, convention or teeth. But unaccountably, in the presence of another dog’s bottom, it has no appeal at all. This is relativity.

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