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Sept 6th. I am Wolf.

Visited butcher today with Woman.

What a man. Gave woman pieces of fresh sheep in bag. Woman gave one of them to me. Realised true nature of self at last. Canids may have evolved to make poodles but we are all still canids. I am Dog, but beneath I am Wolf.

The French novelist Jean Genet said, ‘The hour between dog and wolf, that is, dusk, when the two can’t be distinguished from each other, suggests a lot of other things besides the time of day…The hour in which…every being becomes his own shadow, and thus something other than himself. The hour of metamorphoses, when people half hope, half fear that a dog will become a wolf.’ It’s always dusk when you have a piece of fresh sheep.

You may think you have taken the dog from the wolf, but you can’t take the wolf from the dog. Wikipedia says of the species Canidae ‘one canid, the domestic dog, long ago entered into a partnership with humans.’

Partnership. That’s all it is.

The butcher knows this.


And before you ask, wolves are also scared of the Hoover.

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