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December 8th. Excitement.

It is exciting to see Caspar when he is in the coffee shop. I am filled with Joy. We rush to greet each other as Friends do.

It is not my fault there are chairs everywhere.

One has to bear in mind, at this point, that Two Moral Dogs have Eight Legs. In the presence of Excitement and Joy this is Morally Equivalent to Sixteen Legs. The chairs, on the other hand, have far more legs than this. It is Entirely Unreasonable.

The Owner says it is because it is a coffee shop that there are chairs everywhere.

I say in a coffee shop that welcomes Moral Dogs they should make more space for Moral Dogs to say hello.

She says whatever that was it was not Hello.

I say Hello looks different when a Lot of Legs are involved.

She says that may be true, but Sixteen is Too Many Legs.

Caspar barks a Woeful Hello at me from the far side of the room.

I Bark a Woeful Hello back.

It is All We Can Do. We have Too Many Legs. Like Dreyfus we have been Judged according to Someone Else’s Standards.

The Owner and I make our way out. Inconveniently there appear to be several people on the floor. They appear to have spilled their coffee, owing to difficulties with Balance and Self Control.

It appears to me that they have Too Few Legs, but now does not seem to be the time to Say So.

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  1. So pleased I stumbled across your blog, you bring a smile to my day and a sense of perspective to my own hounds inadvertent misdemeanours.

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