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November 14th. Excitement.

The Owner says that next month we are going to be travelling on an aeroplane. She has booked me a seat of my own. She says this will be very exciting. Are you looking forward to it, Hergest? She asks.

I say I am looking forward to being very excited on the plane.

There is a pregnant pause. Then she says she wonders whether we may be at cross purposes. There is a difference between the plane being very exciting and the Moral Dog being very excited.

I say there really isn’t. I offer a demonstration of an excited Moral Dog, in case she has misunderstood. Just a short burst, as I am eating my scone.

The Owner gets back up again and brushes the compost off her trousers. She says that is exactly why very excited is not how I should be on the plane.

I say I do not understand how she expects the Moral Dog to be both excited and not excited at the same time. I am not Schrodinger’s Cat.

She says this is not the same thing. Keeping excitement on the inside, she says, is the key to Dignity. The more exciting the experience the more the Moral Dog should hide it.

Sometimes she has some very odd ideas. I am just going to assume she is joking.

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