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November 15th. The Art Gallery.

The Owner left me in Day Care whilst she went to an Art Gallery. What does she think I am, a Philistine?

The Owner says she is very sorry, but the art gallery does not admit dogs.

I ask why not? Do they imagine that the Moral Dog is so uncultured that he will chew the Art and bark at the sculptures? Do they imagine that the Moral Dog cannot appreciate the depth of feeling in a Rothko, the satire of Warhol or the surreality of Magritte? Are they suggesting that the Moral Dog is not deserving of Whistler and Rembrandt?

She says no, not at all, no absolutely of course not. It is simply that they are worried that the sensitive and artistic soul of the Moral Dog may become overcome by the Art. It is after all very exciting.

This seems like a reasonable explanation to me.

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