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November 13th. Camus.

I can tell that the Owner has been reading Sartre. She is looking rather gloomy, in a deeply philosophical manner, and she says life is inherently absurd. Then she squeaks Squeaky Cat rather despondently and asks me what I think.

I say Squeaky Cat is absolute proof of the existence of meaning. In a world of inherent absurdity the very creation of Squeaky Cat is an act of rebellion, courage and strength in the faith of eternity. In a barren Universe, I say, Squeaky Cat is the evidence that the inherent absurdity of life is all worth it.

The Owner gazes at Squeaky Cat with new admiration. Did you make that up, she asks.

I attempt to look modest. Albert Camus helped a bit, I say. The Squeaky Cat part was mostly me.

The Moral Dog. Existentialism with Optimism.

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Hergest the Hound

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