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August 5th. Lion.

I would like to be a Lion, I say.

That is a Very Profound Statement, says the Owner. I trust the Moral Dog to explain it in a Profound Manner, says the Owner.

If I was a Lion, I say, I would Give the Orders around here, I say.

I see, says the Owner. You do know that a Lion would not Order a Fridge, Says the Owner.

Who says so? I ask.

Wittgenstein, says the Owner.

How can he possible Know? I ask. Was he ever a Lion? I ask.

Wittgenstein pointed out that we Cannot Know what it is to be Another, as Ourselves, says the Owner. To Become a Lion would only have Meaning if Once the Moral Dog had Become a Lion he no longer remembered that he was a Dog, says the Owner.

That means Wittgenstein was never a Lion, I say.

That is true, says the Owner, but as Wittgenstein said, says the Owner, if a Lion could talk, we would not understand him, says the Owner.

What is that Supposed to Mean? I ask. Was Wittgenstein Hard of Hearing as well as being a Bit of a Misery? I ask.

Wittgenstein meant that if a Lion could speak it would speak from a Lion’s Mind, and with a Lion’s View of the World, says the Owner. He would speak of Plains and Wildebeest and Dust and the Relentless Sun, says the Owner. He would not Want a Fridge, says the Owner.

It sounds as though he would have a Very Good Reason to Want a Fridge, I say. If when we wake up Tomorrow the Moral Dog has turned into a Lion the Owner may Change her Tune, I say.

I do hope, says the Owner, that the Moral Dog has not sent for a Dog Mane from Amazon.

How does she know?

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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