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August 3rd. Refugees

I have heard, I say, that there are Moral Dogs like me abandoned on the streets of Cyprus.

That is True, says the Owner, and there are Wonderful People Rehoming them in England. Indeed 32 such Moral Dogs flew here in April.

That is Good Then, I say. I frown.

What is it? Asks the Owner.

I understood that there are also some Small Humans Stranded on Islands in the Mediterranean, I say. Could they not have come on the Same Flight? I ask.

There were about 1800 Unaccompanied Child refugees on the Greek islands in May, says the Owner. I do not think they would all have Fitted on the Flight.

Where are they now? I ask.

Most of them are Still There, says the Owner. Germany promised to take 500 of them, but few other countries have taken any and our Government offered to take None.

Why not? I ask.

The Home Secretary says they must stay where they are until their asylum claim is resolved, says the Owner, even though some of them have Family in the UK.

I do not understand, I say, why Humans fly Moral Dogs from Cyprus but not Moral Small Humans from Greece.

Neither do I, says the Owner.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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  1. Yes sometimes us humans just suck but all we can do as moral dogs and moral humans is the best we can, whenever we can and however we can. Step by step, blog post by blog post we can raise awareness and make the world a better place.


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