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July 22nd. Conviction.

It is Very Hot, I tell the Owner.

The Moral Dog is Not Having a Lolly, says the Owner.

You are precipitate, I say. I have not asked for a Lolly, I say. I was merely commenting on the Blazing Sun beneath which I am Fading Fast, I say. You have Convicted the Moral Dog even before he has had his Trial, I say.

I apologise, says the Owner. The Sun is indeed Blazing, but the Moral Dog is about as Faded as a Bucket of Cross Frogs, says the Owner. And the Moral Dog is not Having a Lolly.

There you go again, I say. I have not asked for a Lolly, I say. You are like President Erdogan, I say, who routinely determines that people are Guilty of Terrorism when they Stand up for Human Rights and condemns them without a Fair Hearing, I say.

You cannot compare not giving the Moral Dog a Lolly when he is Whingeing about the Heat with Jailing the Chair and Director of Amnesty Turkey after Twelve court hearings in which all allegations against them were repeatedly disproven, including by the State’s own Evidence, says the Owner. And Moreover, says the Owner, doing such Comparing will not Earn the Moral Dog a Lolly, says the Owner.

The Owner is Off the Mark Faster than an Unreasonable Duck on a Pleasantly Festering Pond, I say. I have not asked for a Lolly, I say. I was merely pointing out that routinely Convicting persons not for what they do but for what they are presumed to want to do is deeply Unjust, I say. I refrained from using the example of One who is both Hot and Hairy being Presumed to be about to Demand a Lolly in order to Arrest his Rapid and Sun-Driven Fading, I say. Instead I made reference to the Increasingly Dismal Human Rights record of the Turkish Courts, I say. I knew you would Understand my Perspective, I say. Given that you are the Only One who can Open the Freezer, I say. On this Hot Day, I say. Knowing how Moral an Owner you are, I say.

Is the Moral Dog making a Misguided and Slipppery Eelish attempt to Butter Up his Owner by reading about the Relentless Suppression of Human Rights in Turkey just in Pursuit of a Lolly? Asks the Owner. Because that would be very Impressive, says the Owner. Such Impressiveness might even Deserve a Lolly, says the Owner. At Some Point, says the Owner.

The Moral Dog, although Fading, was not Born Yesterday and can Spot a Slippery Eel Trap when he Sees One. If the Moral Dog were not Fading so Fast he might be tempted to try it, I say. But I am very proud to be the Moral, if Fading, Dog of such a Passionate Human Rights Advocate, I say. Thankyou, I say. I shall Fade Proudly, I say.

Oh for Goodness Sake, says the Owner.

It works every time.

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