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July 4th. Another Pet

A Second Pet, I say.

Would The Moral Dog Object?  Asks the Owner.

Of course not, I say.

That is Good Then,  says the Owner.

It does seem, I say, to be a Rather Strange Question, I say. In the Circumstances, I say.

Because the Moral Dog would like to understand exactly what Role this Other Pet would Fulfil? asks the Owner.

No, I say, because asking the Moral Dog about Another Pet seems rather Strange, I say. One has to Run before One can Walk, I say. Does it not make sense to get a First Pet before moving on to a Second Pet, I say. 

But I already have a first Pet, says the Owner.

I do not think she should talk about the Man like that.




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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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