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July 2nd. Equality.

The Owner says that we must be More Committed to Addressing Equality.

What do you mean by Addressing Equality? I ask the Owner. And how does one become More Committed?

Equality is about ensuring that every Individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their Lives and Talents, says the Owner. That is what one must Commit to, says the Owner. That is Equality, says the Owner.

Even if that Talent is Something that the Owner may think Somewhat Trivial? I say.

Indeed, says the Owner.

That sounds Good, I say. Tell me More, I say.

It is also the belief that no one should have poorer life chances because of the way they were born, where they come from, what they believe, or whether they have a disability, says the Owner. That is also Equality, says the Owner.

Even if the Life Chances they desire involve Others in some Meagre Cost, I say.

Even then, says the Owner.

That sounds Even Better, I say. Tell me More, I say.

Equality recognises that historically certain groups have experienced discrimination, says the Owner. Equality commits to Address this to make Amends, says the Owner.

Even if those Groups were Historically Imagined to be Less Suited to the Opportunities to Learn which they Sought for Themselves, I say, on grounds, for example, of their Physical Attributes, I say.

Especially then, says the Owner.

That sounds even better, I say. How can we Start Addressing Equality now? I say.

Addressing Equalities today may mean taking Active Steps to Acknowledge Past Inequalities, says the Owner. We should begin by Reflecting on the Past Decisions we have taken Ourselves, says the Owner.

Even if those Past Decisions were taken at a time when they were considered a Norm, I say.

Even then, says the Owner.

This sounds Better by the Moment, I say.

This is why we are reconsidering Memorials we once admired but which with the Eye of Equality we feel encapsulate too much of what was once Unequal, says the Owner.  Memorials may be Historical, says the Owner, but they are not History, says the Owner. They show us only the Values of those who were In Charge in the Past, says the Owner. They show us Naked Women and Wealthy Men, says the Owner. One Must think what our Memorials tell those Who Look upon them today that we think about them, says the Owner. We must determine whether, on balance, the Memorial Speaks more of Inequality than of what we Honour, says the Owner. Are you awake?  Says the Owner.

I am now, I say. That sounds very Committed, I say. But I was not really talking about Statues, I say. I was thinking of issues more Directly Pertinent to the Moral Dog, I say.

I see, says the Owner.

How might Equality Apply to Past Decisions taken by the Owner regarding the Moral Dog? I ask. Given all that you have said about Trivial Talents, Meagre Costs and Persons Physically Unsuited for Particular Opportunities to Learn, I say.

Just for Clarity, says the Owner, the Moral Dog should not imagine for a Moment that he will now be having a Skateboard.

It is clear to the Moral Dog once again that Some are more Equal than Others.

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