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March 1st. The friend.

I am helping the Owner play the Harp. She is working the Strings and I am managing the Pedals. My Part is Going Extremely Well, although her part is Making some Odd Noises.

Hergest, says the Owner, I feel we need to Reevaluate our Approach. I do not think this Approach is Working Well.

I agree, I say, would you like me to Assist with the Strings as well as the Pedals? A Good Friend would Do Both.

I was thinking, says the Owner, that a Good Friend might in fact allow me to Have a Go by Myself.

Nonsense, I say. A Good Friend would not Abandon You to both the Strings and the Pedals. You are making a Bad Enough Hash of the Strings On Their Own. I tell you this as a Good Friend since Good Friends are Always Honest with Each Other as they Have Each Other’s Interests at Heart.

The Strings are affected by the Pedals, says the Owner. When my Good Friend the Moral Dog Interferes with the Pedals the Strings make a Twang. I may have more chance of Not Twanging if the Moral Dog gets off the G and the A. The True Friend would not Interfere with the Pedals.

I can Imagine that would happen were a Moral Dog to interfere with the Pedals, I say, but I am of course not Interfering, I am Assisting, Acting in Harmony to Promote Further Harmony. Without as Good a Friend as the Moral Dog, who knows what would happen? I Gaze Adoringly to the Owner to emphasis the Point.

I was hoping to find that out, says the Owner. In the Spirit of Friendship, she adds, hastily.

Perhaps it would be Better if you Moved Over Slightly, I say. You are rather In the Way of my Feet, although of Course I have not Said So Until Now, such is the Quality of my Friendship.

The Harp is a Solo Instrument, says the Owner, it may be considered Cheating to have Two of us Playing it. It will not be Allowed in the Exam. Not even if the One Assisting is a Friend.

That is Ridiculous, I say. A Friend would not Abandon his Friends to take an Exam Alone. Aristotle says that the Shared Activity of Friendship is essential to Living Well.

I am Sure I can Manage to Live Well if you Sit on your Cushion, says the Owner.

You do not Need to Manage, I say, Friends do not Abandon One Another. Could you possibly move your Foot? You are definitely Twanging again.

Forgive me for Asking such a Question of a True Friend, says the Owner, but you are not doing this in the Hope of Cheese, are you?

How could you ask such a thing? I ask. Friends take Joy in their Friends’ Successes, and are Disposed to Promote the Other’s Good for Their Sake, I say. Friends have a Shared Commitment to Mutual Happiness, I say. Friends eschew Cheese, I say. Mostly, I say.

What, says the Owner carefully, if I were to Play for the Harp Examiner and you were to Listen in a Quietly but Friendship Enhancing Manner? I am sure this would Bring Positive Benefits to the Twanging.

I Doubt It, I say. I do not think I could Listen Quietly, I say, without Singing Along to Encourage you, I say. I was thinking of my Abba Medley, I say, and a Bit of Elton John. Although I suppose that if I had something to Chew on Gently I might be Able to Concentrate in Silence.

Do you mean Something like Cheese? Asked the Owner.

Something like that would be Perfect, I say.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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