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Oct 7th. The Ghastly Pong.

A Ghastly Pong has joined the Owner and I in the kitchen.

The Owner seems to feel that the Ghastly Pong and the Moral Dog are somehow related. Moreover, she suggests, some aspect of the Moral Choices I have made earlier, possibly regarding the edible nature of compost, makes the Moral Dog responsible for this terrible phenomenon.

Is she mad? I know she subscribes to Embodiment Theory, that says the Moral Dog and the Physical Dog are all One Dog, so that action taken by the Physical Dog is action for which he bears full Moral Responsibility. I accept the theory, since Superdog could not function Morally if he were not Physically Integral to the Moral Dog.

It seems to me a bit of a leap of faith, however to determine that the Embodied Moral Dog is in some way responsible for the arrival of the Ghastly Pong.

The Owner says she’s going to another room. I go to follow but she shuts the door.

I can’t believe it. She has imprisoned me with the Ghastly Pong.

One can take Embodiment Theory too far.

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