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Oct 1st. Superdog.

The Owner tells a Person in the Coffee Shop we are going to visit some Islands. She says we are going to fly there.

The Owner says it will be the first time her dog has flown. She asks the Person if Other Dogs are good when flying.

Clearly the Owner does not know me very well.

I am Superdog. With my trusty sidekick, Fluffy, I protect the Universe from the Ancestral Cat. Time after time we come to its rescue, our secret identities protected from our Arch Enemies the Ancestral Cat, the Supercilious Duck and the Evil Waste Bin through the simple but fiendishly deceptive disguises of Myself and Caspar.

Later I attempt to remind the Owner of this by leaping onto her in Superdog fashion whilst wearing my special cape. It does not end well. She says the special cape belongs on the bed, that the bathroom is not a place for Superheroes and that it is My Fault her eye make-up is in her eye.

Superdog should not be shut in the kitchen. Not whilst there is a Universe to save.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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