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July 30th. Being Full.

The Moral Dog has not Finished his Supper, says the Owner.

I have Had Enough, I say.

You cannot have Had Enough, says the Owner, on the Bag it says that you need another 200 grams.

I do not need a Bag to tell me I have Had Enough, I say. I have a Stomach to tell me when I have Had Enough. I have Had Enough.

You have not drunk your Water either, says the Owner. I have slaved over that Water, says the Owner.

I think the Tap did Most of the Work, I say.

I put Ice in it, says the Owner. And Lemon. And a Sprig of Mint.

I should think so too, I say. I am not one of your Common Dogs, I say. I expect a Sprig of Mint, I say.

You still have not Drunk It. says the Owner.

I have Had Enough of That Too, I say.

Very well, says the Owner.

What are you doing? I ask.

I am having an Ice Lolly, says the Owner.

Where is the Moral Dog’s Ice Lolly? I ask.

It is staying in the Freezer, says the Owner, given that the Moral Dog is So Full.

I have Space, I say. For a Lolly, I say. Or Two, I say.

That is Nonsense, says the Owner. You said you had Had Enough, says the Owner.

One can have Had Enough Food and Water but still have space for an Ice Lolly, I say. Or Two, I say.

Where? Says the Owner.

In my Overflow Stomach, I say.

Nice Try, says the Owner. You do not have an Overflow Stomach, says the Owner. You have One Stomach, says the Owner.

I have an Overflow Stomach in the way that the Owner has an Overflow Shoe drawer, I say.

What is that supposed to Mean? Asks the Owner.

I mean that when the Owner saw the Pink Shoes on Amazon it appears that she decided that her Wardrobe was not Full of Shoes even though it was, in fact, Full of Shoes, I say. Hence the Overflow Shoe Drawer, I say. Hiding under the Bed, I say. I am sure the Man would appreciate the Comparison, I say. I am going to ask him for a Lolly, I say.

Don’t you dare, says the Owner. The Impending Pink Shoes are Totally Not the Same as the Moral Dog’s Ice Lolly, says the Owner. Totally, says the Owner, unwrapping my Lolly.

It seems they are not so very Different.

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