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June 5th. Chocolate Donald Trump.

The Owner is eating Chocolate Rabbit with her Breakfast again.

I do not think that Chocolate is part of a Balanced Diet, I say.

It absolutely is, says the Owner. It is one of the Six a Day.

I think you will find it is Five a Day, I say.

The Five a Day are for Physical Health, says the Owner, but Persons are not only Physical  Beings. Chocolate reaches the places that Pak Choi does not.

You mean the Parts that form the Unwelcome Bulges? I say. Did I say that out loud? I say.

I am talking about the Emotional Parts, says the Owner. One cannot soothe one’s Emotional Parts with Pak Choi, says the Owner.

Why does it have to be a Rabbit ? I ask the Owner.

We have been through this before, says the Owner. It was not until the Moral Dog had taken a prior Chocolate Rabbit into his Own Bed for protection and woken up with only a Brown Splat that he recognised that the formation of Chocolate into Chocolate Shapes is part of what Warms the Consuming Person’s Emotional Soul, and does not indicate and innate Hostility to Rabbits.

I accept that you are not really eating a Rabbit, I say, However, I worry that the next time I look you will be eating a Chocolate Moral Dog, I say. And then where would we be?

Rest assured, says the Owner, One could not eat something for which one had Moral Regard, not even in Chocolate.

Perhaps you should eat a Chocolate Boris Johnson, I say. Imagine the Pleasure in that.

Sadly, says the Owner, the Prime Minister would be no more Palatable in Chocolate that he is at Prime Minister’s Question Time. I would choke on the first bite.

That makes no sense, I say. It would still be Chocolate. It would still lead to Pleasure.

There is more to Pleasure than the taste of the Chocolate, says the Owner. Does the Moral Dog not experience Pleasure in different ways? For example the Moral Dog loves to leap into the Pond but regards the Shower as an Instrument of Torture. It is still Water.

That is because the Moral Dog does not want to smell of Lemon Verbena, I say, but Pleasure itself is always the same, I say. It is a Sensation with which the Moral  Dog is Transiently and Briefly Familiar during the increasingly brief periods for which he is given access to an Ice Lolly.

They are only increasingly brief because he has learned to Consume his Ice Lolly at Warp Speed, says the Owner. But Philosophers do not agree that Pleasure is always the same. Only Plato saw pleasure as the simple satisfaction appetites and of bodily needs.

I agree with Plato. I say. This explains the pleasure of emptying my Morning Bladder.

Could you keep you Bladder out of things whilst I am enjoying my Rabbit? Says the Owner. Even Plato observed we often enjoy things such as sights, sounds, and fragrances that may surprise us without our having wanted them before.

That is true, I say, the first time I had a Lolly I experienced Pleasure but I did not know before that that I had wanted one.

Exactly, says the Owner. Aristotle took a more elitist view. He saw Pleasure as arising from our activities of animals in accomplishing their goals. He therefore saw it as having many Hierarchical Levels relating to the Capacities and Higher Order Desires of the one Experiencing it. He suggested that Pleasures may compete with one another, but the Higher Order Pleasures will Always Win.

I understand, I say. You are saying that the horror of finding oneself eating a Chocolate Boris Johnson would overwhelm even the Pleasure of the Chocolate itself.

The Moral Dog has it in One, says the Owner.

So I suppose a Chocolate Donald Trump is right out? I say.

Hahahahaha says the Owner.

Another Moral Dog Marketing Idea bites the Dust. I hope Caspar hasn’t ordered the moulds yet.





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