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May 22nd. The Intelligent Species.

It is a very hot day.

In the Morning the Owner and the Moral Dog go to the Park. The Owner throws the Ball multiple times and the Moral Dog pursues it, over Hill and Dale.

The more the Owner throws the ball, the more the Moral Dog retrieves it.

The faster the Moral Dog runs the more the Dog-cooling breeze whips up his ears to dance in the wind, cools his nose and refreshes his Moral being.

Honestly Hergest, says the Owner, Stewing Droopily in the heat of the still air around her as she walks at the pace of evolution, I do not understand your Ball Obsession. It is far too hot for Ball Chasing. You are Completely Potty.

In the Afternoon The Owner heaves herself onto her Exercise Bike huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf, wearing a sweat-band some extraordinarily tight Lycra. (The Moral Dog should point out at this point that he does not mean in any way to pass judgement on an Ancestral Wolf who was almost certainly Misunderstood by three rather Paranoid Little Pigs).

She commences some sort of Exercise Challenge to the sound of Heaving and Grunting.

Occasionally she stops and gasps for water. Occasionally she appears to miss her mouth completely and throw the water down her back.

By the time she finishes she is the colour of a tomato and as slippery as a fish. Goodness Hergest, she says, now I feel better.

One of us is supposed to be the Intelligent Species.




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