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January 15th. The Moral Leader.

Jeremy says he is Standing Down as our Leader, and we have to Choose his Replacement.

But who should we Choose? We ask.

Jeremy says he Doesn’t Want to Say.

Bercow says That’s Just Typical.

Jeremy says that in a Democracy when a Moral Leader Steps Down he does not Tell the Proletariat who to Choose to Replace Him. He says that is not Democracy that is Nepotism, and that is Exactly what is wrong with Having an Aristocracy.

Mogg says he can’t see what is wrong with Having an Aristocracy, as it is Traditional.

Bercow says it is also Traditional for Dogs to eat Fox Poo but we have all Learned the Hard Way that is is Not Sensible.

We all Wince and Nod Wisely.

If you don’t agree with the Aristocracy, says Mogg, what about the Queen?

The Queen is Extremely Moral and Worthy of Great Affection, says Jeremy, she did not Choose to be Queen and has Served her Country Well. I cannot Fault the Queen, but that Does Not Alter the Fact that she was Not Elected but Inherited her Crown through Ancient Tradition born of Inequality, Oppression and Violence. Moreover, if you will notice, the Queen appears Aware of This since she Resolutely Refrains from Telling us What to Do.

But, says Caspar, who spent yesterday evening with Frodo Baggins, surely telling us what to do can Save the Day. If we were at the Gates of Mordor, would the Queen not ride up and down the Lines like Aragorn, telling us that a Day Would Come when Courage would Fail and we would All Run Away but It is Not This Day? Would she not tell us what to do?

I am sure the Queen would Rise to the Occasion, says Jeremy, but Aragorn was not Ordering Anyone into Battle, he was asking them to Decide to Go into Battle. They needed to Stand Up and Be Counted. They fought not because he told them to, but because they Chose to for Themselves.

There is Far Too Much Standing Up in That says Mogg.

I am not sure about all the Counting either, says Bercow.

You may be right, says Jeremy. But Look what happened to Sauron.

We have to agree he Has a Point. Sauron definitely did not Come Out of it Well.

So how do we know who to Vote For? Asks Caspar.

Vote for the One you would Fight For, says Jeremy, and the one you think would Fight for You.

On the way home Caspar asks me who I will vote for.

It is clear, I say. One I would Fight For, who would Fight for Me. One who was not Born but Chosen. One who does Tell Me What To Do but who Ensures I Stand Up and Am Counted. One who is Truly Moral. One who Speaks to the Heart. There is really no contest.

I am voting for Squeaky Cat.

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