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January 7th. Mowgli.

We go to see the Small Giggly Human who the Owner Played some Distant Part in Creating. It is a Lovely Day. There is Cake and lots of Screaming. We watch a Film about the Jungle, in which a Small Human is Raised by Wolves with the help of a Bear and a Panther. I like this Story, although I feel that the Bear and the Panther are Rather Superfluous.

Are many Small Humans raised by Wolves? I ask the Owner.

No, she says, this case is Extremely Unusual.

That is a Shame, I say. It seems to me that the Wolves did a Rather Good Job.

That is true, says the Owner, although one Never Quite Knows what Wolves Will Do.

This is because they are Ancestral, I say. It would be better if the Small Human had been Raised by Dogs. Perhaps I could raise a Small Human? I ask.

I am afraid not, says the Owner. Small Humans are generally only raised by Large Humans.

This sounds rather Doggist, I say. I would be very careful with it. None of the Nonsense with Tigers and Snakes that befell the Small Human in the Film.

The Owner sighs. I am afraid Humans believe that the Best Person to raise a Small Human to become a Large Human is another Large Human, she says.

There is a pregnant pause.

Then, I say, why is it that Humans are also considered the Best Persons to Equip Small Dogs to become Large Dogs? Surely the Best Person to raise the Moral Dog is a Large Dog?

I am sure that is True, says the Owner. However one must also bear in mind that Moral Dogs are considered the Best Persons to Raise Large Humans to become Moral Humans.

That Makes Logical Sense, I say. Does the fact that the Prime Minister has a Dog mean that he is Now Likely to Become a Moral Human too?

One can always Hope, says the Owner.

Perhaps in this instance the Bear and the Panther Might also be Needed, I say.

Totally, says the Owner.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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