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December 29th. The Dog Star.

The Owner and the Man and I are walking home from the pub in the Darkness. Look Hergest, says the Owner, stopping and looking up, do you see that? It is the brightest star in the sky. It is called the Dog Star. Only a few planets, the Full Moon and the International Space Station outshine it.

I gaze at the Star. How far away is it? I ask.

Extremely Far Away, says the Owner.

Why can we see it if it is so Far Away? I ask.

Sometimes, says the Owner, the Things that are Furthest Away are Easiest to See.

Ouch, says the Man. I have just fallen over a flower bed.

My point exactly, says the Owner.

Why is it called the Dog Star? I ask.

Because it is the Brightest Star, says the Owner. It shows us the way. Rather like the Moral Dog.

Sometimes the Owner can be Quite Profound.

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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

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