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December 1st. The Cake.

The Owner and I are watching Politics and she is scowling at the Prime Mnister. They are all suggesting that we can Have Our Cake And Eat It, she says. It makes me really cross.

I say I had not realise that the election was about Cake.

Everything, says the Owner, is about Cake. And by the time the Cake is All Gone, it will be time for another election. And some people will not have had a single piece. That is always the problem.

But, I say, did she not tell me previously that the Prime Minister had, in any case, eaten all the Cake?

Some People will believe what they want to hear, says the Owner, even in the face of Obvious Cake Appropriation.

That’s ridiculous, I say. Everyone knows that they cannot both Have and Eat the Cake. Even the Moral Dog understands that Cake, once eaten, is no longer Cake in quite the same way. It is a shame that the Moral Dog has no vote – he would not be so Easily Deceived.

The Owner sighs. I tell you what, she says, when this programme finishes we will go for a walk that takes us all the way to Australia, and whilst we are out we will stop climate change and bring about world peace, then when we get home we will have chips. What do you think?

I say that sounds like an excellent plan and I don’t know why we haven’t thought of it before. Greta Thunberg will be able to go back to school and Yemen can start to recover and Sydney should be lovely at this time of year and could I have vinegar on mine?

She says I have made her point exactly.

I am not sure how but I do not pay much attention to the rest of the programme. I am too excited about the chips.

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