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Oct 30th. Parliament Hill.

Perhaps I should become a Spy.

Today the Owner takes me up Parliament Hill and we watch people sitting on benches, eating cheese sandwiches and reading newspapers. She says most of them are likely to be Spies because this is where Spies come to have their lunch whilst they do their Spying. I ask who they are Spying on and she says she thinks mainly on Other Spies. I imagine that, in this case, it makes sense for them all to come to the same place. Nevertheless I am disappointed that so few appear to be wearing false moustaches or to be dressed as Cossacks. How is one to know they are Spies if they fail to dress the part?

The Owner says all Spies conceal the fact that they are Spies, which is how you can tell. For example, she says, the ones eating their cheese sandwiches are in fact consuming messages that they have Read Only Once. She says this is why most of the spies are quite large.

It strikes me that what these people need is a Moral Dog to assist with their messages. Later I tell Caspar I am going to apply to be a Spy.

Mainly, though, I would like any job that features cheese sandwiches.

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