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December 27th. The Inn.

I am Very Excited to be Going to the Inn. Inside it is as Merry as Mr Fezziwigg’s party. People are clinking their glasses and exchanging Merry Greetings. There is Music and Festivity and the Scent of Plum Pudding and Chips. It is as if Everyone has learned the lesson […]

December 26th. The Crown.

I am not wearing that for dinner, I tell the Owner, it looks silly. It is the Rule for Christmas Dinner, says the Owner, the Man and I are wearing ours. She has a shiny hat on her head which makes her look very slightly like a Lighthouse. The Moral […]

December 20th. Wrapping Up.

Oh look, the Owner says, the New Scissors have arrived and so I am going to do the Christmas Wrapping. Where are the Old Scissors? I ask. It is the First Rule of Christmas Time, says the Owner, that the Old Scissors always disappear when it is Christmas Time. One […]

December 19th. Statistics.

I feel sure that the Owner has forgotten my Momentary Lapse of Apparent Loyalty. It was, as she said, not Typical of the Moral Dog. Even Squeaky Cat has forgiven me and he has High Moral Standards. He allowed me to me squeak him repeatedly for nearly ten minutes yesterday, […]

December 18th. Squirrels.

Why can’t Moral Dogs climb trees? I ask the Owner. Because if they could there wouldn’t be any Squirrels, says the Owner. Would that be a Bad Thing? I ask. It would for Squirrels, says the Owner. That might be true if all Dogs could climb trees, I say, as […]

December 12th. Election Day.

Bercow says that people are voting today for another Prime Minister. Caspar says isn’t one enough? I say the Owner says that in recent times one has been too many, but they are voting for a new one to Replace Him. Who do you think they will they replace him […]

December 6th. The Pet.

It is very very sad. And very very moving. I tell the Owner we need to watch it again. I think I may have some more emotions to let out. The Owner asks if Howling is the only possible way to let out my Emotions. I say sometimes the Moral […]