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February 13th. Blame.

I put Squeaky Cat on the Computer and he Gazes at the Owner. The Owner says she does not want to play. The Moral Dog has played for hours, she says. Now I need to work. It is not me that wants to play, I say, it is Squeaky Cat. […]

January 25th. The Harm Principle.

Please get off me, says the Owner. I am writing about Oppression in Liberal Societies. The Police are to Deploy Facial Recognition Cameras, which I believe is a Serious Threat to Civil Liberties. But, I say, Surely the Police can be Trusted. There, I have finished it for you. Now […]

January 2nd. Squeaky Cat.

Something Amazing has happened to Squeaky Cat. As the New Year dawned he Appeared in Splendour, back to his Original Orange, with both of his ears and all of his tail. Even the piece of his bottom which he unaccountably mislaid last week is restored to him. I am thrilled. […]

December 2nd. The Friend.

Caspar is sad. I find him in the coffee shop sitting in the corner, attached to the Wall by a Gordian Knot. He tells me his Owner has Gone Away and he is being Walked by a Stranger. Is the Stranger nice? I ask. The Stranger is lovely, says Caspar, […]