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November 10th: The Device

The Owner and I are setting out on our Morning Walk when the Owner produces a Thing from her Pocket. What is That? I ask the Owner. You Do Not Want to Know, says the Owner. Au Contraire, I say, for the Moral Dog is Wise in Matters of Language. […]

Oct 26th. Own Good.

I am Wearing a Lampshade. It is for your Own Good, says the Owner. I think I am the Best Judge of That, I say. I can See it is a Little Embarrassing, says the Owner. A little? I say. The Other Dogs will Laugh so Hard they will Roll […]

January 27th. Between the Lines.

The Owner is reading an Article in the Guardian about Beauty. Many Owners, it seems, are having their faces Injected in order that they should look Young and Fresh. Should I be doing this, Hergest? She asks. And Please Be Honest, she adds. The Moral Dog is Always Honest. Why […]

November 18th. The Owner.

Caspar has raised a Matter of Some Concern. It should have been obvious to me long ago, but I suppose I just took it for granted. Humans are Humans, and one does not imagine them having needs, but of course they must eat, they must sleep, they must groom… The […]

Sept 8th. Speciesism

Charles Darwin suggested that all animals are shaped by the need to compete with other species in order to find an ecological niche in which they can succeed. Kind of like a chair, which you shape exactly to fit. It’s an odd idea, since it suggests I fit exactly the […]

Sept 4th. Stairs

Woman got me to climb stairs today. Exhausting. 4 lots. Got cheese after each. Pavlov has a lot to answer for. Not sure it’s worth it. Am I being taken for a fool? Am I, in the words of Immanuel Kant, being treated as a thing without reason? I am […]